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COVID-19 Volunteer Registration

Led by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Louisiana State University Health Care Services Division, is a partnership between universities and colleges across Louisiana to mobilize students as volunteers. The goal of this partnership is to ease the burden on the healthcare system that is stretched critically thin and to provide some relief to the healthcare workers. Voluntary organizations across the state will begin to see the same as demands for their services escalate. Students from across Louisiana universities and colleges are our force multiplier – they are our weapon in the fight against COVID-19.

The website invites students and professionals with backgrounds in virtually all areas of health care, including the fields of medicine, nursing and allied health professions, laboratory technology, radiology, public health, epidemiology, respiratory therapy, pharmacy, counseling, mental/behavioral health, laboratory science, among others.

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Students and professionals with academic training in non-healthcare disciplines such as logistics, communications, marketing, business, management social media, social services, community engagement, data sciences, computer science, technology assistance can also sign up to triage phone calls, coordinate volunteers, provide logistical support or technology assistance, and other such essential services.

If you participated, we want your feedback! 

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